Dreams and Visions

Memorized the Koran

I once met a young man, Abdulla, from a radi­cal Muslim country. His testimony of how he met Jesus is incredible. During his childhood, he had terrible nightmares about dying and not being able to enter heaven. His parents tried everything to free him from these dreams, which tormented him constantly. The Mus­lim priests knew what to do: ”Memorize the Koran!”

One day as he was memorizing, he came across the name of Isa, (Jesus), and was unable to continue reading. He started praying to Jesus, and the nightmares ceased. Later, Jesus came to him regularly in his dreams and taught him about the Christian life. Nothing is impos­sible for God! Not even a whole country with closed borders to the Gospel, can keep Him from reaching us with his love and power!

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