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Straight in the Eye

My three children all live in the USA, and my oldest grandson is 17 years old and 193 cm tall. In the fall of 2015 he had a terrifying experience. During a physical education class, he was hit by a hardball right in his eye. He went to the emergency room with my daughter, Christy, and they found that his eye was seriously damaged and his field of vision straight on was completely black, leaving only peripheral vision. The doctors stated that it was a permanent injury and there was nothing that could be done about this type of damage. Just as the doctors had completed the examination and Jamie was on his way to have a CT scan, I called my daughter’s cell phone, not knowing what had happened. Christy briefly told me and I said: “Then let’s pray.” My husband Erik and I sat on our couch at home in Uddevalla, Sweden, and we prayed:

“Jesus, come and touch Jamie’s eye! Amen.” Then Christy said: “We have to go now.”
Two days later I called and asked what had happened with Jamie’s eye, and heard the wonderful news. Immediately after we had prayed he started to improve. The black area in his vision was now getting brighter and brighter. After approximately two hours, all of the damage was healed. There were no traces of the damage and his sight was back to 100%.

The doctors followed the whole process. My daughter said: “They were completely confused!”
Days later, Jamie saw an eye specialist who confirmed that there were no traces of the injury. He was 100% restored. When my daughter told me the news she said: “Happy birthday!” It happened to be my birthday that day and the best present I could ever receive. My grandchild could have lost his central vision in one eye, just as I had, only in both eyes. God performed a complete miracle. Jamie was back at school the day after the accident.

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